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Take an inside look into how the band write and arrange the songs.

Working from Jordan’s London flat, they craft “Man of Glass” for the upcoming album.


“When you work on new material you can be happy with the song, i.e. the melody and chords, but not the arrangement. When I’m writing, the thing I want listeners to understand is┬áthe lyrical and emotional content; the feeling behind the song. If you wrap those words up in the wrong musical blanket then people can completely miss the point, or interpret it some other way. So the instruments you use, the tempo, and the structure of the recording are all really important.

Man of Glass has taken a bunch of different forms, the last of which was a big stadium rock, saturated-guitars kind of thing. It sounded great but didn’t fit the song. So to break away from this, we stripped it right back to two acoustics which flowed a lot better. Then build the rest of the track around that.”


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