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Earlier this year Jordan flew out to Perugia, Italy to team up with renowned photographer Gianfranco Tortoioli¬†and create the album artwork for “Fragile Times”. With the release of the record imminent, we thought we’d share with you some photos from the trip. Assisted by Ed Sillars, this is how things[...]


We’d like to celebrate the first 500 views of “In Symmetry”. So, as a thank you to you all for being awesome, here’s a little something: It’s the orchestra track from “Background Noise”. In the record it’ll be buried under slabs of progtastic goodness, but here it is for you[...]

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The lead track from upcoming album “Fragile Times” is now available to stream via Youtube. Watch the video and tell us what you think in the comment box. Enjoy!  

It’s guitar time! The Rube Goldberg Machine heads to a snowy New Forest, UK to record guitars and break the peaceful atmosphere of the place with scorching solos and intricate polyrhythms. The band gains another invaluable piece in the person of Mr. Daniel Bowles, producer and multi instrumentalist.    

Nick Trepka chats about the album and what it’s like working with The Rube Goldberg Machine. Join him, the band, and Owen ‘Octodrummer’ Martin as they track drums and acoustics at The Cowshed Studio in North London.   “What I’m finding quite refreshing about this recording is that there’s a[...]

The Rube Goldberg Machine head to The Cowshed Studio in North London to track drums and acoustic guitars for the new album. Joined by mighty drummer Owen Martin and sound wizard Nick Trepka, along with plenty of tea and chocolate, there is much rejoicing…  

Take an inside look into how the band write and arrange the songs. Working from Jordan’s London flat, they craft “Man of Glass” for the upcoming album.   “When you work on new material you can be happy with the song, i.e. the melody and chords, but not the arrangement.[...]

Welcome to the official website for UK progressive rockers The Rube Goldberg Machine. This space is a hub for all the latest news on the band, including live dates, videos and interviews. Take a look around; there is plenty to get stuck into! Then follow us on Facebook and Twitter[...]

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